Satish Dharwadkar

Founder and President of MangoTree Capital and MangoTree Benefits. Prior to founding MangoTree Capital, Satish was portfolio manager at Merrill Lynch, independent trader, account manager at HP-EDS, and senior engineer at Ingersoll Rand. During his diverse career growth in engineering, technology and finance, Satish led design and delivery of programs and services for clients with a focus on ROI.

Satish’s credentials include Investment Adviser Representative, Chief Compliance Officer, Portfolio Manager, Series 7 & 66, Michigan Life & Health Insurance, and Designated Responsible Licensed Producer (DRLP). Satish has a Masters and Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. 

Terry Dharwadkar

Office Manager at MangoTree Capital. Terry joined MangoTree Capital with fifteen years of experience in healthcare sales, service and administration.

Terry has a Bachelors in Political Science. 


MangoTree Benefits, LLC (MTB) is affiliated under common control and ownership with MangoTree Capital, LLC (MTC), a registered investment advisor. In addition, licensed insurance agents of our firm may be registered as Investment Adviser Representatives (IARs). Our affiliated investment firm and licensed insurance agents registered as IARs  may earn advisory fees in addition to insurance commissions. Such advisory fees are separate and in addition to our insurance commissions. You are under no obligation, contractually or otherwise, to purchase investment advisory services through any person affiliated with our firm.

Conceptually speaking, MTB offers "not at risk" insurance products, while MTC offers "at risk" investment services. In the spirit of total wealth management for our clients, these two affiliated firms co-exist for the one-stop needs of our clients.